Welcome to East Elementary

Coopersville East Elementary, with approximately 400 students in first grade and second grade, offers a challenging and rich instructional program with board-approved curriculum.  We have a well-balanced curriculum and dedicated staff committed to seeing all children succeed.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of East Elementary to inspire all students to embrace a life-long love of learning, to achieve their goals and to be compassionate citizens who contribute to the global community.

We believe that ...

  • Every person has intrinsic worth.
  • Every person has something to contribute.
  • Every person is responsible for her/his choices.
  • Love, acceptance and a sense of belonging are essential for every person to flourish.
  • A community which embraces shared ethics and diversity thrives.
  • A community working together toward a common goal is fundamental to excellence.

These core values are the basis for which the mission statement was designed.

Strategic Objectives

  • By 2016, every student will choose to contribute to local and global communities in an ongoing manner.
  • By 2016, every student will set goals and persist in achieving them.
  • By 2016, every student will continually demonstrate the passion and confidence to seek knowledge.
  • By 2016, every student will be proficient in district adopted core academic standards.