High School Building

Extracurricular Clubs and Activities

Art Club

The Art Club at CHS gives students a chance to meet with others that have the same interests and talents. Some things that we hope to accomplish are:
1. Share ideas
2. Take trips to local galleries
3. Help Coopersville Schools with art related projects
4. Help the community with art related projects
5. Provide a time and place to work after school on projects of the students' choice
6. Raise money to help with community needs
The Art Club is open to all high school students who share these ideas.

Bowling Club

Athletic Office
This is a winter sport that is in its third year of existence. Our most competitive members are able to
participate in Men's and Women's OK Blue league events and regional/state MHSAA sanctioned events. We also encourage members to join that are working on getting to a competitive level or are just curious if the sport is for them. Bowling is a life long sport that can be an important part of ones health regimen.


Kelly Rupert
CAYAC stands for the Coopersville Area Youth Advisory Committee and is a part of the Coopersville Area Foundation. We are a philanthropic organization striving to improve conditions for youth in the Coopersville, Chester, Marne, Polkton, Wright, and Tallmadge area. We do this through grants and learn the grant process step by step.  This year we gave out $10,000 in grants for area youth programs. This money comes from the interest off the money in our fund and, as a result we will be able to continue to give grants for years and years as our fund continues to grow. This is our group's legacy to future Coopersville Youth.

be nice

Mrs. Katie Walsh
The mission of the be nice group at CHS is to foster a safe environment for all students and staff through educational and cultural opportunities.  The group meets regularly to discuss mental health awareness with an emphasis on reaching out to those who need support.  The group also focuses on giving back to the local and global community through fundraisers and service projects.  Students also participate in the yearly student exchange as well as monthly school-wide activities. Interested students are always welcome!  

Equestrian Team

This organization is open to students with an interest in Equine science and horsemanship. Our members compete primarily in the fall of the year at district, regional and State events. Coopersville has been well represented in recent years at various levels of competition. Members will learn the rules of horsemanship and fair play while enjoying their love for horses. We have members who practice events as well as those who assist the team as grooms and trainers. Whether you have a horse to compete with or not, there could be a place for you in our club.


Samantha Ludlam
This is a year round group that focuses on a broad array of events ranging from self improvement to healthy lifestyles to Agricultural and Natural resources careers. Students have the chance to travel, compete and mature as members of competitive teams and can also work on personal projects that can lead to rewarding job placements or money making ventures. Our students have received State recognition in 49 out of the last 50 years. Members learn to be part of a team, organizational skills as well as improve their ability to speak. If you like a challenge and have an interest in the outdoors or animals, this club might just be for you.

High School Musical

Sara Heacox
The High School Musical is presented each year in late February or early March. Involvement in this activity is open to any interested high school student. Participation is by audition during the month of December with practices held after school during December, January, and February, Monday through Friday and some Saturdays. Musicals presented are generally well-known Broadway shows with three or four performances presented, all of which are open to the public.  Students auditioning for the show should be interested in acting, singing and dancing but there are also opportunities for students that want to work on the technical aspects of the show or backstage.  A costume fee is charged to participants.

High School Play

Sara Heacox
The High School Play is presented in November of each school year and participation is open to any high school student that auditions. Auditions are held in September and practices are held after school Monday through Friday. A variety of play genres are presented (dramas, comedies, etc.). Students auditioning should be interested in acting but opportunities exist for backstage work as well, from painting and set building to lighting and sound design.

National Honor Society

The main purpose of the Coopersville National Honor Society is to provide recognized students with an opportunity to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire for service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of Coopersville High School

Prayer Group

Prayer Group is student led and takes place once a week before school. This group is for students to interact with other Christian believers. Our members help provide support to students with problems in their everyday life through prayer.

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

Amanda Rennells 
Katie Walsh
SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions, is a school-based organization dedicated to addressing
the issues of underage drinking, impaired driving, drug and other destructive decisions. SADD's mission is to provide students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with serious issues young adults are facing today. The basic principle of SADD is Empowerment. The idea of empowerment is to build students' confidence and ability to create changes and manage behavior in a way that results in healthy life choices. SADD promotes a message of "No Use" of alcohol or drugs and encourages students not to participate in activities with destructive consequences.

Science Club

Ryan Schoenborn
There are science clubs in the High School,Middle School and South Elementary. We work on many activities and projects including; dissections, FIRST Robotics, FIRST Lego League, Underwater Vehicle, LittleBits Circuits, RC Car Racing, and many more. The High School club meets every Thursday from 2:30pm - 3:30pm. The South Elementary club meets after school most Tuesdays. The Middle School science club meets in the High School about once each month.

Senior Advisory Committee

The Senior Advisory Committee is a group of six to twelve seniors and the Senior Class President who serve as a liaison between the senior class at large and the Senior Class Advisor. The group meets monthly or as needed throughout the school year to discuss topics including, but not limited to, graduation announcements, class song, class motto, selection of graduation speakers, homecoming themes and decorations, and the planning of the graduation ceremony. Students are chosen by the Senior Class Advisor and other teachers to serve on the committee. Students with diverse interests and club affiliations are selected so that it is a group representative of the senior class as a whole. Students with a desire to serve on the committee should express interest to the Senior Class Advisor.

Show Choir

Haley Hildebrandt
The High School Show Choir (The Main Event) is a select group of choral students that participate in the Show Choir by audition. Pre-requisites for this activity are that students must have been a member of one of the high school choral ensembles, or transferring in from another school (having participated in that school's choral program). Participation is limited to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This is a class that meets for the entire school year but also participates in many after school and weekend performances. Participation is by audition during the month of May for the following school year. This group travels to Washington D.C. or another major city for a festival every other year.

Ski & Snowboarding Club

Jon McCourt, Group Leader
The Ski & Snowboarding Club will travel to Caberfae Peaks on January 12, February 2 and March 8, 2024. Lift tickets are $12, rentals are $12, helmet rentals are $3 and lessons are also $3.

Sports Teams

Beth Rahrig

Fall Sports
Boys & Girls Cross Country
Football Sideline Cheer
Girls Golf
Boys Tennis
Boys Soccer

Winter Sports
Boys & Girls Basketball
Competitive Cheer
Boys & Girls Bowling

Spring Sports
Girls Soccer
Boys & Girls Track
Boys Golf
Girls Tennis

Ski & Snowboard Club

The Ski & Snowboard Club will go to Caberfae Peaks on the following dates: January 12, 2024, February 2, 2024 and March 8, 2024. Lift tickets are $12.00, $12 rentals, $3 helmet rentals and $3 lessons. Contact Mr. Jon McCourt, Group Leader at 616-258-4391 or email djmccourt@comcast.net 

Student Council

Sarah Emerson
Students apply for Student Council positions every spring with several members from each grade level selected/elected. Student Council takes part in charity fundraisers, community service, and leadership training. Members plan events such as dances, dress days, and assemblies.