Coopersville Area Public Schools
105/105c Schools of Choice Application
2021-22 School Year

Applications will be accepted: March 1 – September 3, 2021


Coopersville Area Public Schools will allow non-resident students to enroll in the District provided they qualify. The State Aid Acts allows districts to enroll non-resident students. Section 105 permits local school districts to enroll students who reside in other local school districts within the same intermediate school district. Section 105c allows enrollment of students who reside in school districts in contiguous intermediate school districts.

No out-of- district transportation will be provided. Eligibility to participate in interscholastic athletic contests is subject to the policies and eligibility rules of the enrolling school district and the MHSAA regulations.

Coopersville Area Public Schools may deny enrollment to a non-resident applicant if any of the following apply:

The applicant is or has been, within the preceding two years, suspended from a school.
The applicant has been expelled or withdrawn in lieu of expulsion from another district.
The applicant has been convicted of a felony.

Below are some specific guidelines that apply to the 105c program:

(These guidelines will be applied in accordance with Section 105c of the Revised School Code)

Transfers are subject to the requirement of Section 105c of the Michigan School Code which requires a written agreement with the contiguous intermediate school district for the provision of any added costs of special education services and programs. If a student enrolled under Section 105c is eligible or becomes eligible for special education services following enrollment, the enrolling district and the district of residence must have a written agreement regarding the payment of added costs of special education programs and services for the student to continue to be enrolled by non-resident district.

If you have any further questions, please contact Arla Tubergen at (616) 997-3208 or (email).

Applicants for the 105/105c request will be contacted with further information

Application and information

PDF Document2021-22 Non-Resident Application Form