High School

Senior Internships

Arts and CommunicationArts & Communication

Careers in this path are related to the humanities and performing, visual, literary, and media arts. These include architecture; graphic, interior, and fashion design; writing; film; fine arts; journalism; language; media; advertising; and public relations.


Business, Management, Marketing and TechnologyBusiness, Management, Marketing

Careers in this path are related to the business environment. These include entrepreneur, sales, marketing, computer/information system, finance, accounting, personnel, economics, and management.


Engineering/Manufacturing & Industrial TechnologyEng Man & Industrial Tech

Careers in this path are related to technologies necessary to design, develop, install, and maintain physical systems. These include engineering, manufacturing, construction, service, and related technologies.


Health ScienceHealth Science

Careers in this path are related to the promotion of health and treatment of diseases. These include research, prevention, treatment, and related health technologies.


Human ServicesHuman Services

Careers in this pathway are related to economic, political, and social systems. These include education, government, law and law enforcement, leisure and recreation, military, religion, child care, social services, and personal services.


Natural Resources & AgriscienceNatural Resources & Agriscience

Careers in this path are related to agriculture, the environment, and natural resources. These include agricultural sciences, earth sciences, environmental sciences, fisheries, forestry, horticulture, and wildlife.